• Homestead Laughs Featuring Drew Lynch

    Homestead Laughs Featuring Drew Lynch
    Friday, 11 November 2016 8:00pm
    Seminole Theatre
    18 N. Krome Avenue, Homestead, FL, US

    Join us for a night of comedy at the Seminole Theatre with the inaugural “Homestead Laughs”.

    This year’s headlining comedian is Drew Lynch, best known as Golden Buzzer winner from America’s Got Talent.

    Drew Lynch Originally from Indianapolis, at the age of 19, Drew Lynch moved to Los Angeles with aspirations of becoming an actor, then an unexpected softball accident just a year into his acting career left him with a severe stutter and crushed his hopes of ever performing again. But his continued drive to become an entertainer forced him in a different direction, he started reflecting through stand-up comedy on the “softball that humbly changed his life.” Drew's ability to deal with his stutter and making it relatable to real-life situations ultimately landed him the title of first runner-up on "Season 10 of America's Got Talent." Inspired by comedians Bo Burnham, Louis C.K, he now headlines Comedy Clubs across the country. In addition, Drew has appeared on the "Dr. Oz Show," and as a celebrity guest on the game show "Idiot Test."

    Also in the line-up for Homestead Laughs - Clockwise from top left: Justin Foster, “The Amazing Mr. A” Richard Adler, Sherrani Glass, Ben Zieper (Host)

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    NOTE: Must be 18 years of age or older to attend.

    Tickets and information are also available at the Seminole Theatre box office, 786-650-2073 or at 18 N Krome Ave, Homestead, FL. The box office is open Tuesday-Saturday 12:00-6:00pm

    2016-2017 Subscription Packages

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    Season ticket packages start at $77. View the 2016-2017 season packages for pricing and show information. To order, call the Box Office at 786.650.2073 beginning Friday, August 26th to take advantage of this exclusive offer!

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    “The Amazing Mr. A” Richard Adler

  • Miss Cuarenta de Paula Arcila

    Sabado, 15 de Julio de 2017 8:00 - 10:00pm
    Seminole Theatre
    18 N. Krome Avenue, Homestead, FL, US


    Miss Cuarenta 2c

    Escrita e interpretada por Paula Arcila - actriz, comediante y locutora de estación Amor 107.5 - Miss Cuarenta es una comedia que reflexiona sobre asumir esa edad a la que ninguna mujer quiere llegar. Esa edad en la que en la calle ya te dicen SEÑORA; esa edad en la que si no te has casado te tildan de SOLTERONA. Esa terrible edad en la que, casi sin darte cuenta, tu mesita de noche se ha ido llenando de cremas antiarrugas, pastillas para dormir... y la estampita de San Antonio.

    Paula en algo más de una hora nos hace viajar por ese universo tan temido de los años. En medio de risas, anécdotas y reflexiones nos cuenta cómo es para una mujer enfrentar las invitaciones y citas a ciegas que organizan las amigas que quieren verla "felizmente casada", cómo combate la salida de una que otra cana, arruga, celulitis... y su coqueteo incesante con el botox y el bisturí.

    Esta divertida mujer que nos alegra las mañanas en el show radial número uno de Miami, El Desayuno y además se ha destacado como actriz en importantes espectáculos teatrales, hace de Miss Cuarenta una obra cargada de historias, realidades, y mucha risa, con la que te identificarás de principio a fin.

    Para mas informacion llame a la taquilla del Seminole Theatre, 786-650-2073 o visitenos 18 N Krome Ave, Homestead, FL. Estamos abiertos Martes-Sabado 12:00-6:00pm.

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